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Bulk Voice Calling is broadcasting of pre-recorded voice message to many telephone numbers simultaneously or sequentially. It is voice or IVR version of SMS ( Short Message Service) broadcasting which is now a day’s widely used for various purposes. Bulk voice calling is also known as call blast, voice broadcasting, Automated Voice Campaigns, Voice SMS etc.

Bulk Voice calling is essentially an outbound IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System with one specific function, that is to dial telephone numbers from database or a list, and play a pre-defined programmed recorded audio file and play it when the called party picks the call. It also has to keep record of all success calls (outbound calls which were picked by the called party and heard the recorded voice message) or abandoned calls which were not picked by the called party.

Now a days, bulk voice calling or call bast is being used in many ways.
  • Alert System/Reminder system
  • Pill remainder System
  • Electioneering
  • Electioneering4. Automatic registration welcome and verification of phone number
  • Payment remainder,
  • Promotion and advertising,
  • Appointment remainder
  • and many more!
Voice Solutions, Bulk Voice Calls

With over 85% of Indian population being non-English speaking, marketers choose bulk voice SMS or outbound dialer as a solution to reach the customers in their regional language.

And the trend is only set to become global. Voice SMS is the top next generation SMS based application, and given the simplicity, cost-effectiveness and non-intrusive nature of voice call broadcasting it’s become a big marketing opportunity for businesses worldwide.

What’s Bulk Voice Call Marketing?

Bulk voice call advertising refers to just what it sounds – sending out pre-recorded audio messages as voice SMS to landlines or mobile phones anywhere in the world. Bulk voice SMS service uses simple communications technology to shoot recorded voice messages to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients within a matter of seconds and also gather touch-tone inputs from the end-users to measure the response of the bulk voice SMS campaign.

Why Voice SMS System?
Bulk voice SMS solution is advantageous because it helps businesses in lead generation:
  • Voice calls are also most cost-effective in comparison to the traditional mailers.
  • Voice messaging services can be used for customer surveys, mobile marketing, stock alerts and other reminders.
  • Voice messages can be sent in regional language that users can relate to.

Our Bulk SMS plans include a wide array of features ranging from retry mechanism for bulk voice calls, DNC (Do Not Call) mobile numbers filtering, , scheduling the voice SMS campaigns at predefined date & time and integration of inbound as well as outbound calls with third party applications.

The number of mobile subscribers is rising each day and with the universal reaches of voice SMS (independent of handset & SIM) and bulk voice calls is essential to reach the target audience- both locally and globally.

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